Hello! Welcome to the official For Black Girls Like Me blog. I’ll be on here posting important updates about the book, recounting my travels and events, as well as sharing what books I’m reading!

If you missed it, the cover of For Black Girls Like Me was revealed on the amazing blog HERE WEE READ this past Friday, October 5th. I also got a chance to be interviewed about why I wrote this book, who I hope it reaches, as well as if I’m team Hardcover, Paperback, or Kindle when it comes to reading for pleasure. Read the interview here!

It takes so many people to make a book happen, and I feel so lucky that a bad-ass team of women made my cover dreams come true. The amazing artist Jamea Richmond-Edwards brought my main character to life with a stunning piece of original art, and the book cover was designed by the very talented Aimee Fleck.

When I was a little girl, I was ALWAYS look for book covers with black girls on the front of them. This cover is really everything I could have ever hoped for. My eyes are full of hearts for this cover, and I hope yours are too.